Announcing Mobile SDK for iOS 5.0.1

Is your Salesforce Mobile SDK app ready for iOS 10.3? We’ve got your back with the upcoming 5.0.1 patch. You’ll need this patch to support iOS 10.3 in Mobile SDK. This patch has no effect in iOS versions earlier than 10.3. Look for an announcement that the patch is posted on Thursday, February 16, in the SalesforceMobileSDK Google+ community.

Upgrading Mobile SDK for iOS

How you upgrade to Mobile SDK 5.0.1 depends on your project type.

Native apps:

Run pod update in the project folder.

Hybrid apps:

  1. Uninstall and then reinstall forceios:
$>sudo npm uninstall -g forceios
$>sudo npm install -g forceios

2. Recreate your app using the forceios create command.

3. Copy your app’s resources to the www/ folder.

4. If you add plug-ins, be sure to uninstall and then reinstall the Mobile SDK plug-in after adding your last plug-in:

$>cordova plugin add <your last plugin>
$>cordova plugin remove com.salesforce
$>cordova plugin add --force

5. Run cordova prepare.

For questions or issues, please post on the SalesforceMobileSDK Google+ community.


3 thoughts on “Announcing Mobile SDK for iOS 5.0.1

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  2. Ian

    We updated our native Android and iOS projects with latest Mobile SDK (5/5.0.1).

    We have noticed a problem when using Single Sign-On(SSO) with our new apps where users are being asked to change their salesforce password after they have signed-on with SSO. If they cancel out of this screen they continue to be logged in correctly.

    This looks like the same problem as the following known “server” issue with Salesforce1 but fixed in Spring 17-Path 15. I note that I do not see issue with Salesforce1 when logging into the same org with same SSO credentials.

    Will log a case but am interested to get your thoughts? 🙂 🙂

    1. Richard Whitley Post author

      Hi Ian, I think I’ve heard your issue being discussed around here lately (not sure it was about native apps, though). If you still don’t have a solution please let me know. Sorry to be so late responding!


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