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Errors Creating Hybrid Apps in Mobile SDK 4.3

If you’re upgrading to Mobile SDK 4.3.x and plan to build hybrid apps, heed this tip!

Under certain conditions, the Cordova telemetry feature can cause forcedroid or forceios to fail with bewildering error messages. So far, we’ve seen this problem occur when:

  • You’ve installed the latest version of Cordova (6.2.0 or higher)
  • You’re using forcedroid or forceios to create a hybrid app

If both of the above are true, the script might throw an error such as the following:

“”. Should be in the format x[.y[.ignored]]

) is less than the minimum required version (5.4.0). Please update your version of Cordova.”

These errors occur if you haven’t preset telemetry to some value. Even if you don’t get weird error messages, you’ll still eventually get this prompt asking you to set the telemetry attribute:

May Cordova anonymously report usage statistics to improve the tool over time?

To avoid these hiccups, preset telemetry on or off before you run the script. Just type:

cordova telemetry <on|off>

Afterwards, forcedroid or forceios should work as expected.

For more information, type:

cordova telemetry -h