Monthly Archives: October 2015

iOS 9 Bitcode Support and Salesforce Mobile SDK

In iOS 9, Apple introduced bitcode support. Bitcode images offer benefits for apps uploaded to iTunes Connect, as described here.

Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS will add iOS bitcode support in its upcoming 4.0 release. However, if you’re a GitHub user and you just can’t wait–chafing at the bit, as it were–you can add this feature to your existing Mobile SDK 3.3 apps right away. Just “cherry-pick” the following pull request and apply it to your copy of Mobile SDK:

Please note that:

  • Bitcode-enabled binaries are backwards compatible with iOS 7 and 8. However, the benefits of using bitcode apply only to iOS 9.
  • You can use bitcode-enabled static libraries in XCode 6 and 7. XCode 6 simply ignores the bitcode flag.